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St. Lawrence Cruise Lines To Start Cruising on July 1st

Federal Government Schedules Removal of LaSalle Causeway by June 30
June 7, 2024

Kingston, ON:  St. Lawrence Cruise Lines has announced a new official starting date for the 2024 cruising season. The overnight tour operator will be boarding passengers on July 1st for their first Canada’s Capital Cruise, which leaves from the company’s home port of Kingston, Ontario and cruises on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers to arrive in Ottawa on July 6th.

This announcement comes after two months of federal construction delays and uncertainty regarding the LaSalle Causeway in Kingston. The lift bridge was damaged in late March, and as a result a number of tour boats have been trapped on the Cataraqui River and unable to enter the St. Lawrence Seaway, including the company’s flagship CANADIAN EMPRESS. As a result, the cruise line was forced to cancel nine cruises in May and June.

On May 31st, Public Services Procurement Canada (PSPC) announced that after two months attempting to repair the bridge, they had come to the conclusion that due to the age of the bridge and the damage sustained, the only solution would be to demolish the bridge and restore marine navigation by June 30th, 2024.

“It has been an incredibly frustrating and damaging two months for all of the marine businesses who rely on access to the St. Lawrence River and Kingston’s Outer Harbour,“ said St. Lawrence Cruise Lines President Jason Clark.

“We have all suffered losses during this period of uncertainty, and while I am relieved to know that situation will be resolved by June 30th, I am more pleased for our passengers who will be able to start enjoying Canada’s rivers starting on Canada Day.”

With the now-imminent demolition of the bridge, Clark expects no further delays or cruise cancellations, and the company has decided to extend their season with an additional cruise from October 23 to 27 in order to meet the needs of travellers who were unable to cruise in the spring.

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines continues to take reservations for both the 2024 and 2025 cruise seasons and travellers may call 1-800-267-7868 for booking availability or to request the schedule and rates for both seasons. Additional information is available at


St. Lawrence Cruise Lines is a Kingston-owned business operating on the St. Lawrence River since 1981.

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