Employment Opportunities

Employment aboard the ship is seasonal and spans the period early to mid May and concludes in mid to late October. The Cruise Line has operated successfully since 1981 and many crew members have returned season after season. 10 to 15 year careers are not uncommon and employees have been known to stay as long as 25 years. Our business is family-owned, and strong personal relationships and loyalty to the company are important to us.

Crew Member Positions - 2024 Season
*All crew member positions for 2024 have now been filled. Thank you to all that applied.*

How To Apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to  info@stlawrencecruiselines.com. We request that you reference the position that you are applying for in the email subject line. You may also deliver your resume by mail or by hand to our Kingston office location.

Step 1/ All resume submissions will be evaluated and may be followed up with a brief telephone interview.

Step 2/ After the phone interview, you may be invited to attend at the cruise lines office to complete the company application form and to pick up pre-interview materials. The company application form is more in-depth and requires additional information.

Step 3/ After your application is reviewed, you will be invited for a personal interview (at our office or via video) at a mutually convenient time.

Step 4/ Employment offer and hiring meeting.

There will be ample time to answer all of your questions. The personal interview will give applicants the opportunity to  ask questions and evaluate the company, while the interviewer will work to determine your suitability to join our crew roster.

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines
253 Ontario St., Suite 200
Kingston, ON, Canada

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines needs motivated personnel who are looking to enhance their career and life experiences. A full listing of crew roles is below:

Job Descriptions - Hospitality

Two teams are engaged and each team sails alternating periods of 4 to 7-night duration. The work periods are from 10 to 14 hours per cruising day and average 40 hours per week even though crew are off an equal number of days. The positions are: listed below.

Click on each for a brief job description. Persons with an interest in a hospitality career are encouraged to apply.

(Controller – Program Manager) Responsible for the ships programming, passenger and public relations, communications, supplies, house staff supervision, host/hostess and escort responsibilities, employee records, ships financial matters, supervision of the Ships Cook, conducting structured functions each day: Bingo, Passenger Bingo, Crib, Euchre, Horse Races, Scavenger Hunt, Shuffleboard, Checker tournaments and Card Games. Lead and manage shore tours and site visits, and conduct a brief non-denominational religious celebration on Sundays.

Responsible for food control small and large quanties, food preparation, galley management, supply orders, inventory control, safety and sanitation as detailed. Follow the companys established food policies, recipes, garnishes, presentation, spicing and its special methods to achieve consistency. Assess passenger food requirements, preparing food to include breakfast; morning bouillon, lunch, tea, dinners, banquets, evening hors doeuvres and buffets as required.

Responsible for keeping the galley clean, washing all dishes and silverware until all are very clean, washing and cleaning equipment and to assist the ships cook in food preparation.

Responsible for general wine/bar sales & duties including; mixology (proficient preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks), wine stewarding, good sales skills, financial accounting, inventory accounting, general saloon duties and assistance in activities as assigned.

Responsible for dining room service, busing of tables, minimal galley duty, cocktail service, housekeeping services; preparation for meal service, parties and various social functions.

Job Descriptions - Navigation

Two teams are hired and each team sails alternating periods of 4 or 7-night duration. The work periods are from 10 to 14 hours per cruising day and average 40 hours per week even though crew are off an equal number of days. Navigation crew positions are listed below.

Click on each for a brief job description. Persons with an interest in a marine career are encouraged to apply.

As the Captain of a passenger vessel you are to safely pilot, manoeuvre and navigate the vessel and to maintain ships schedule. To conduct oneself as Ships Master, to socially interact with the passengers from time to time and to be seen at functions, gatherings and the like. And to oversee safety issues and train crew as necessary.

Responsible for the functions and maintenance of all major mechanical systems including propulsion, electrical supply, ballast, bilge, sewage, water, air conditioning, and all miscellaneous electrical and mechanical equipment, toilets, air terminals, galley equipment, refrigeration and the like. In addition, the engineer is responsible for all general ships machinery, mechanical maintenance and preventive maintenance programs including continuous monitoring of all systems while underway.

Assist in executing the Captains responsibilities. Provide direct supervision for all deckhands. This position is a working Mates position; take part in the line handling, setting the gangplank, provisioning, cleaning, repairs, piloting and navigating the ship.

Responsible for line-handling for safe docking and locking procedures, ships cleanliness and maintenance, security watches, drills, porter service, cleaning the ship, the ships equipment and shore facilities, stand watches for safety, fire and engineering, loading and unloading ship of luggage, supplies, equipment and waste.


Responsible for transporting crew and supplies, keeping the Canadian Empress properly and adequately serviced and supplied from shore. To maintain an appropriate land back-up supply, accurate records of materials and supplies delivered. Stores must be maintained, place orders as required and to maintain the company vehicle.


All shipboard positions are compensated on a per-cruise basis and are competitive within the Canadian passenger vessel industry. In addition to wages, food and accommodations are provided, as well as transportation to and from our ports of departure - with meal allowance. Crew members will have the same menu choices as shipboard guests. Additionally, all hospitality staff will also take part in our gratuity program.
Specific details will be provided throughout the interview process.

Some other benefits include: Family discounts and one annual free cruise for spouses.

Requirements of all crew members

All crew members must be Canadian Citizens or have Landed Immigrant/ Permanent Resident status. Each crew member is expected to respect the dress code, have good grooming, present an enviable demeanor and display social grace. Employment aboard should be an experience and not just a job. The ships passengers (50% from outside of Canada) expect a professional atmosphere which requires that each crew member is hardworking, motivated and friendly.