Seaway Discovery Cruise

Kingston to Montreal and Return
7 nights, 8 days
Starting at $4076 CAD per person

Due to the continued demand for our 7 night, 8 day Signature cruises, we have maintained this cruise itinerary for our 2024 schedule.

Join us for a must-see cruise in the heart of the summer season with 7 nights and 8 days of sunshine and warm temperatures amidst the natural beauty of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River. Our journey will trace the historic routes of early Upper Canada explorers, as well as explore the historic trade route between Kingston and Montreal and the modern International Seaway.

This Signature Cruise has a unique itinerary designed to highlight the very best of summer on the St. Lawrence River and the past and present of the International Seaway. This trip is your best opportunity to spot pleasure craft on the river, as well as big freighters from around the world as they move their cargo in and out of world-class Canadian ports.

Signature Cruise - Kingston to Montreal and Return

Overnight Ports

1000 Islands Anchorage
Upper Canada Village
Coteau Landing
Old Port of Montreal


Aug 24, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024
Aug 23, 2025 - Aug 30, 2025

Cruise Itinerary


In Alphabetical Order

Thousand Islands Bridge

1000 Islands

This cruise will take you to witness the island paradise and natural and man-made charm of the archipelago.

1000 Island Boat Museum

1000 Islands Boat Museum

The 1000 Islands Boat Museum is a hands-on Museum where history becomes something that can be touched, built, and experienced. The Museum includes a Boatbuilding Shop, an Activity Center, and Exhibit Galleries.

Thousand Islands Heritage Center

1000 Islands Heritage Museum

On Gananoque’s waterfront there’s a grand Victorian building designed in the tradition of the late 19th century two storey “grand cottage”. This museum is dedicated to interpreting the history, geology, ecology, and culture of the 1000 Islands region.

Fulford Place Mansion

Brockville Museum

Situated in Brockville's historic downtown core, the museum houses exhibits featuring the industrial, agricultural and social history of Brockville. All of the artifacts in the museum's collection are the tangible representation of this community's heritage.

Doran Bay Model Ship Museum

The Doran Bay Model Ship Museum is one of the finest private collections of model ships in the world. Each model has been painstakingly built according to original plans using the finest of exotic woods. The collection is exquisitely displayed in a restored 1880’s home overlooking the St Lawrence River’s Seaway Lock at Iroquois.

Fort Wellington

Fort Wellington

The first Fort Wellington was built during the war of 1812 high above the St. Lawrence River at Prescott. The second Fort Wellington, still standing today, was built as a result of the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837-38. Today, Fort Wellington is a national historic site, and is now administered by Parks Canada.

Fur Trade Museum

Fur Trade Museum

Located to the west of the Island of Montréal, the Fur Trade Museum at Lachine site is a testimony to the culmination of the fur industry in the Montréal region in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Montreal Sightseeing

Montreal Sightseeing Tour

A complete City tour, taking in many points of interest, including Notre Dame Basilica and St. Joseph’s Oratory, atop of Mount-Royal. Your tour also includes the Old Port of Montreal, which is the most historic part of the city, located between the River and downtown, putting you into close contact with the past life of a major metropolis in North America.

Montreal's Space For Life

Through its communication, conservation, research and education activities, Montréal Space for Life guides human beings towards a fuller experience of nature. Our shore tours will focus on the newly renovated Biodome and the Botanical Garden, depending on seasonal tour availability.

SDG Jail

Constructed in 1833, the Historic SDG Jail in Cornwall, Ontario holds plenty of local history. It was the site of many escapes, it served as an asylum, as a house of refuge and also was home to a notable courthouse. Today, the Jail offers guided tours, where you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide.

Seaway Locks

Seaway Locks

All locks on the Seaway are similar in size. In width they are 80 feet; the depth over the sill is 30 feet; and the length - that is breast gate to fender - is 766 feet. Ships can be raised or lowered from 45 feet to 49 feet depending on the season of the year.

Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village is a living museum community that recreates the life, work, and development of the early settlements along the upper St. Lawrence River valley. It is representative of rural eastern and Upper Canada from 1784 to 1867 when agriculture was fundamental to the province's existence.