Why Cruise With St Lawrence Cruise Lines

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines has been in operation for 40 years and is a Canadian family-run enterprise that helps us give our passengers the most fabulous river cruise possible. We offer the best options for a vacation in Canada and have many returning customers. Join us as we cruise some of the most beautiful rivers in the region.

Our all-Canadian staff is highly educated and ready to pamper you with delicious meals and warm Canadian hospitality. What’s more, you’ll see the mighty St. Lawrence and storied Ottawa Rivers for yourself.

Our Cruise Choices For The Best Vacation In Canada

Celebration of Spring

We have introduced the Celebration of Spring cruise this year, and you can enjoy seven nights, and eight days of St. Lawrence River’s fresh spring air while you watch the fauna and flora of this beautiful river come alive in all its splendor. The cruise’s unique itinerary covers The Kingston to Montreal route and a return, and you get seven nights at the special 6-night price.

Seaway Discovery Cruise

Join us on a 7-night/8-day St. Lawrence River cruise this summer for much-needed rest and leisure. From Kingston up to Montreal and back, this trip offers a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the legacy of the International Seaway. This time of year sees an increase in both lake freighters and recreational boats using the river.

Canadian Connection Cruise

Travel through all seven locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway and take in the sights of Quebec and the French Canadian culture as you sail along the waterway. This trip will take you from Quebec City to Kingston, Ontario, along Canada’s most famous river, St. Lawrence, and will last six nights and seven days.

Heritage Summer Cruise

Join us on a 7-night/8-day summer cruise down the storied St. Lawrence River. The trip will go through the Thousand Islands area and follow in the footsteps of the pioneers who discovered Upper Canada. Find out more about the origins of the Kingston and Montreal commerce routes.

Upper River Expedition

Spend four nights and five days taking in the sights and learning about the rich history of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River. Discover the 1000 Islands, a cluster of 1870 islands with a maze of waterways and tunnels

Canada’s Capital Cruise

Ottawa is a great place to begin or conclude a cruise trip in Canada. This five-night, six-day journey via the lower Ottawa River, the Thousand Islands, and the St. Lawrence Seaway is one you won’t soon forget.

Upper River

We also offer a Confederation Cruise, which sails the Ottawa and St Lawrence rivers and provides an extraordinary itinerary that includes a birthday party for Canada and a view of the fireworks over Parliament Hill. The length of our 7-night, 8-day Autumn Harvest & Colors Cruise. Our most well-liked river cruise vacation in Canada is in the autumn because of the refreshing weather and low temperatures.

Why Cruise With St Lawrence Cruise Lines?

There are many reasons to choose our vacation in Canada options such as the following:

  • Our company has more experience than any other cruise line on the St. Lawrence River. For us, the river is home.

  • Value is guaranteed thanks to our years of expertise, in-depth familiarity with the area, and careful attention to our clients.

  • You will enjoy the beautiful, ever-changing landscape and the calm, safe waterways between the many overnight stops

  • You might learn something new at each stop while enjoying the free, inclusive shore excursions

  • Regional food that is both satisfying and abundant

  • The cabins aboard a river boat are all outboard, well above the water, and equipped with all the essentials

  • Staff that is both pleasant and competent to interact with

  • Service cleaning of the home once per day

  • Lounge service and evening entertainment in our Grand Saloon

  • Beer and wine from the ship’s private reserve are included with dinner.

  • Group accommodations for family gatherings

  • Dedicated to maintaining the highest possible levels of safety and health worldwide

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We have the experience, the cruise liner, and well-trained and courteous staff that knows what it takes to offer our guests an outstanding and memorable vacation in Canada. As mentioned, we offer a range of cruises, and we are here to provide you with the information you need regarding them.

You can also browse our website and get more details about these cruises. For more information, please call The St. Lawrence Cruise Lines at 1 800 267 7868 or write to us through this contact us On This Page.