Cruising News and Announcements

Cruising News and Announcements


April 17, 2020:

The following is an update for passengers, staff, and the greater cruising community regarding the operations of St. Lawrence Cruise Lines for the 2020 cruising season. This notice is being released in an effort to maintain open and transparent communications during this difficult time.

First, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter for those that celebrate Easter, and that it was a happy holiday weekend for all. For many of us, it was a chance to connect with family this past weekend, whether it was through phone calls or video chats, or other means. In Kingston, we are still under the direction to maintain social distancing, and our staff continues to work from home and serve customers.

Transport Canada has recently released a notice that prohibits all commercial marine vessels with a capacity of more than 12 passengers from engaging in non-essential activities, such as tourism or recreation. These measures will remain in place until at least June 30. According to this directive, I have now canceled all June 2020 cruises, and reservations staff are in the process of calling affected passengers to update their status.

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines will continue to take guidance from Canadian health authorities and Transport Canada, and we will be using the extended off-season to develop health and safety policies for our river cruises that comply with the regulations of these agencies.

Please direct all booking inquiries through our toll-free number 1-800-267-7868 or by email at

Wishing good health to all,

Jason Clark

President – St. Lawrence Cruise Lines