What Makes The Seaway Locks Different?

We at St. Lawrence Cruise Lines offer several cruise options, many of which cover the St Lawrence Seaway, and many people want to know what makes the seaway locks different. Here is some interesting information about the sea locks.

Understanding What Makes The Seaway Locks Different

The Great Lakes Waterway, also known as the St. Lawrence Seaway, comprises a network of locks, canals, and channels that connect the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

As early as 1783, the development of larger canals along the St. Lawrence River commenced. By 1900, a comprehensive system of shallow-draft canals was established, enabling unbroken navigation from Lake Superior to Montreal.

The Unique Carillion Lock

The Ottawa River featured three brief canals at Hawkesbury, bypassing the 21-kilometer (13-mile) Long Sault rapids. In 1819, Lt. Col. Henry Du Vernet, a British Army engineer, initiated the Grenville Canal’s development, a 9.6-kilometer (6-mile) waterway equipped with seven locks.

Construction of the Chute-à-Blondeau canals, which had one lock and measured 0.25 miles, and Carillon, which had three locks and measured 3.2 miles, began in 1826. All three canals were operational by 1834 and accommodated boats with 1.8-meter (6-foot) draughts.

From 1959 to 1963, Hydro-Quebec built a large dam at Carillon, flooding the locks and canals at Grenville. Nevertheless, a new lock was constructed during the dam’s construction at Carillon, which is still used today for recreational traffic and allows for a 19-meter (62-foot) drop. There are several unique attributes to the site, including:

  • The Carillon Canal features a distinctive lock that elevates vessels by 20 meters, utilizing a 200-ton lift gate to open and close the lock.

  • Adjacent to the lock is a vast hydroelectric power plant.

  • Numerous historical elements remain along the canal’s banks, such as the remnants of lock No. 1.

  • The combined locks serve as the lower entryway to the initial canal from the river.

  • The canal route leads to the current lock, and a portion of its shape and stonewall on the south is linked to the former second canal.

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