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Ontario Cruises to Consider in 2023

While taking a cruise has always been a fun way to travel, river cruises have gained popularity as a way to see the world without travelling across vast oceans. In many ways, river cruises are superior to ocean cruises, allowing passengers to explore the region’s attractions in greater detail. The cost of Ontario cruises could differ based on where you go.

Ontario Cruises To Opt For In 2023

There are many cruises you can consider for your 2023 vacation itinerary; a few of them are:

1. Kingston To Montreal And Return

Celebrate the arrival of spring and the unique history and natural beauty of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River on a 7-night/8-day cruise to start the river cruising season in 2023. The St. Lawrence Seaway lock system, which enables travel and trade to Montreal, will be explored on this journey from Kingston to Montreal. This Signature Cruise aims to showcase the best aspects of early spring on the St. Lawrence River.

2. Kingston To Upper Canada Village And Return

The Upper River Expedition is specifically designed for travelers who want to take in all the splendor and heritage of the Thousand Islands. Your vacation cruise will set sail from Kingston, Ontario, and take you through the Thousand Islands and on to Brockville and further east. The St. Lawrence Seaway’s first lock can be found at Iroquois, Ontario, as you cruise downstream past Prescott.

The St. Lawrence River’s Seaway Control Dam, which runs from the Canadian to the American side, controls the water depth in the Seaway to Montreal. As you head towards Morrisburg, Ontario, the “Lost Villages” of the Seaway are located on your route to Upper Canada Village past Iroquois.

3. Kingston To Quebec City

With the Canadian Empress as your vessel, relax and take in the sights of Upper Canada and the Thousand Islands as you cruise downriver in style and comfort. As you travel further east into Quebec, you’ll encounter a stark contrast between French and English Canadian culture. Your river cruise trip can start or end in Quebec City, Canada’s most famous city, and it will be a memorable experience either way. You can see and feel “Old” European grace and charm here.

There are many other cruise options that you can consider. For more information on our Ontario cruises, get in touch with The St. Lawrence Cruise Lines at 1-800-267-7868 or for additional details, contact us today.