The History of Cumberland Heritage Village

Cumberland Heritage Village got its name from Cumberland, initially formed as a town in Russell County in 1800. It was named in honour of the Duke of Cumberland (and, after that, the King of Hanover). The township was separated from Russell County and integrated into the newly created Ottawa–Carleton Regional Municipality in 1969 when the upper-tier regional government was established to replace neighbouring Carleton County.

In 1999, nearly two centuries after its incorporation, Cumberland became a city. In 2001, however, the municipality and all the other member municipalities of the Ottawa–Carleton Regional Municipality (including the city of Ottawa) were merged to form a single municipality — the new City of Ottawa.

Cumberland Heritage Village Today

Cumberland is currently a part of Ottawa. The majority of the old municipality now comprises Cumberland Ward, represented on the Ottawa City Council. The majority of the suburban neighbourhood of Orléans, which spread across the historical line between Cumberland and Gloucester city, has been separated from Cumberland and Gloucester. It is now incorporated into the Orléans and Innes Wards.

Thus, Cumberland Ward has become predominately rural, consisting of ancient settlements that are Ottawa’s bedroom neighbourhoods. The early builders of Cumberland took great care in their work, as today’s well-ordered village of comfortable houses, flowers, and welcoming people is situated at the base of towering, snow-capped island mountains.

Cumberland Heritage Village: An Ideal Municipality

Since the closure of the local coal mines and consequent shift in land use regulations, Cumberland has demonstrated a tendency to advance gradually. New various clean-up bylaws, as well as the pride of ownership, are showing a positive impact on dwellings across the municipality.

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