Horse and Carriage

Main Reasons to Visit Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village is one of the most visited places by tourists and people who want to rest and relax for a while. There are several reasons for this, whether it is the extensive vegetation, the absence of technology, or the events that take place there. You will spend a few days surrounded by natural beauty, peace, unforgettable events, museums, and other attractions for you in the style of the 1860s.


One of the activities you will find is a tour throughout the city. In this tour, you will see the natural beauty of the older days. The 1860- style buildings and the carriages will distract you during the walk with the tour guide.


Upper Canada Village holds different events, although they vary depending on the month you visit. One of the most colourful is the “Pumpkinferno,” an event where more than 7000 handmade pumpkins are exhibited. At this event, several artists show their works so that everyone can admire this fantastic scene. Another event that you should not miss is the “Night Lights,” a festival of lights throughout the town that provides an unparalleled view.

The Village

As we mentioned before, the town is inspired by the buildings and activities of the 1860s. There are diverse activities inspired by the time, and it also has different tourist attractions to consider, such as its museum. The village is located around an exceptionally extensive and beautiful natural setting, full of a diversity of flora that you will surely love.

Upper Canada Village has excellent elements, from events with stunning views, a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and incredible vegetation. It is a place you will surely want to spend with your family and share unforgettable moments.